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From lipstick colors to hair: How to style them the LA Style way!

Having spent a year mostly lockdown in our homes, many of us have forgone our usual routines, opting for comfort instead. But, of course, with everything closed and no places to go, this meant turning to the internet for much of our inspiration and entertainment. And though the pandemic has brought a lot of everyday [...]

Beauty Standards and Gender Roles

As society progresses, beauty standards and gender roles evolve and change. And what gender is has changed as we have come to understand gender as a social construct rather than an immutable feature about oneself. There are many examples of our ideas of beauty present in artwork that date back to pre-recorded history. Standards of [...]

Friday Date Night vs. Weekend Date – Date with LA Style

Dating can be a complicated ordeal in general. During a pandemic, dating seems nearly impossible. But people are innovative, and there is a will to do something. People will find a way. For dating, this means turning to the internet for connection. Using the internet to find a date is nothing new. Online dating has [...]

Pink is not just a trend

Models at S/S 21 runway shows across the world appear to be sporting a very interesting color trend. Bubble gum pink seemed to be a common color theme at runway shows for Valentino’s, Chanel’s, Miu Miu’s, and other fashion lines showcasing their spring and summer collection. The fun and flirty color may soon show up [...]