Friday Date Night vs. Weekend Date – Date with LA Style

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Dating can be a complicated ordeal in general. During a pandemic, dating seems nearly impossible. But people are innovative, and there is a will to do something. People will find a way. For dating, this means turning to the internet for connection. Using the internet to find a date is nothing new. Online dating has been a popular means of connecting people for years. But meeting up in person after seeing someone you are interested in is riskier now than pre-pandemic. Virtual dates using online video messaging platforms such as facetime or Zoom have become a popular alternative to meeting up in a bar or a coffee shop. In many ways, video dating has lifted a lot of pressure off of us, as we can chat with one another from the safety of our homes. But just because you are dating from the comfort of your bedroom doesn’t mean you should go on that date in your pj’s. It is still essential to put effort into your appearance, and not just for the sake of your date. Taking time to find something to wear that makes you feel good can help you feel a little more confident when meeting someone new, even if it is just online. And with the weather warming up, it will be easier for us to go out in person and get to know someone new, outside and from a safe distance, of course!

Friday Date Night

You can spice up your Friday night date look and still keep things simple. You have probably purchased many sweatpants in the past year as a result of spending the majority of your time at home. Adding a crop top or backless top, some hoop earrings, and a pair of sneakers with your sweatpants can help to easily upgrade your sweatpants look into the perfect comfy-casual date night outfit.

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For a more creative look, try a jumpsuit in a bright color or fun pattern. Jumpsuits are easy to style, as they are a simple one-piece garment that is flattering on everyone. Add some earrings and a heel, and you are pretty much done.

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Weekend Date

Warmer weather means more weekend dates outdoors. A date on an outdoor patio, a hike on a trail, or a stroll down a beach walk are all fun activities you can try with a date that is safe as well. However, if you are sitting down for a coffee, try a boyfriend’s jeans. Boyfriend jeans are comfortable and stylish and can easily transition from day tonight.

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If you are going for a hike, athleisure should keep you looking and feeling good throughout your date. Try a matching set with a pair of tennis shoes for a cute outdoorsy look.

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For a stroll along the beach, why not try a flowy dress or maxi skirt and a crop top. Add a sneaker or some sandals, as well as some earrings and a necklace for your completed beachside date look.

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