Street Style in LA

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Los Angeles is well known for its casual street style. We are an easy-going, relaxed city and our style reflects that. Now early April, the weather will be getting warmer and more of us will be venturing out the spring breeze. Now is the perfect time to think about refreshing your spring wardrobe and adding some new casual street looks into the mix.

Fresh and Fit

While it is still unsafe to visit the gym, exercising outside can be a safe pleasant respite from the monotony of the pandemic. And springtime means fresh warm air and sun to raise your spirits. There are many beach walks and hiking trails to visit in the city. Why not take in the fresh air in style.

Try a Matching Fitness Set

matching fitness

Or Maybe some athleisure


Don’t forget the sneakers


Or maybe a pair of roller skates


And Don’t Forget Your Mask!


Cute and Casual


Spring means new beginnings. Look around you and absorb your surroundings. Maybe go for a picnic at the park or treat yourself to a relaxing day on the beach. Or just have a quiet cup of coffee outside. Take the time to reconnect with yourself and the world.

Put on some Lightweight knit


Sheer Skirts are in

jumbo 78

You can never go wrong with a flowy top and shorts

flowy top

There’s nothing like a comfy sandal to top off your look. A slip-on sandal with a bit of lift will keep your feet stylish and cushy.


2000’s here we come (back)

Fashion trends go in and out of cycle all the time. It appears that in 2021 fashion influencers are getting inspiration from older trends. Recently more people have opted to forgo their skinny jeans, instead choosing to dawn a pair of looser fitting denim. Baggy and high-rise jeans are making their way back in style as of the late 90s and early 2000s trends make their way back into popularity.

Through on a pair of wide-leg jeans with any top and a cute sandal to achieve a comfortable and put-together look.


Or a pair of Baggy Jeans with Sneakers!

baggy jeans

You can also rock classic mom jeans.

mom jean

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses


For many of us, spring means the beginning of dress weather. Why not buy or thrift a cute new dress? Pair it with some sunglasses, sandals, and a cute face mask, and you have the perfect brunchtime look.

Make-up: Keep it Natural

You can mix in a lightweight natural make-up look into your street style routine. After cleansing your skin just use a bit of tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. Just add a bit of lip gloss and mascara, or a lip and cheek tint to give your face a soft and supple look. Don’t forget sunscreen or your face mask!


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