The Best Masks to Style Your Mask

Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, we have all had to add a new accessory to our wardrobes: the face mask. The novel coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that most likely spreads through the aerosol particles and droplets we expel when we breathe, talk, cough, and sneeze. A cloth face mask can greatly reduce these aerosol particles and droplet. This allows us to have safer interactions with each other as we go through these challenging times together. And many designers have hopped into the mask making business to create mask options that are both protective and stylish. In the future as things gradually (and hopefully) re-open, we may have to continue to integrate face masks more often in our workplaces as well as in our recreational activities. When it comes to face masks, there are many options to choose. Below are some tips for styling your mask so you can stay fashionable and safe.

Little Black Mask

You can never go wrong with black. It is a color that is simple and pretty much goes with anything. If you are worried about color clashing or you want a mask that you can dress up or down, go for a basic black mask. For a pop of color did give your look some “oomph” you can also opt for a mask with a black base and decorated with a simple pattern.

Feeling Fierce? Go for an Animal Print

Animal print is not always the easiest to style. It is a pattern that sticks and not in a good way if not put together well, often not in a good way. This print has gone in and out of style for decades because of this. Animal print is a bold print, as it often signifies power and a daring personality. It takes a courageous and creative individual to work such a bold print well. If you are confident, an animal print mask could make a great statement piece. Pair it with some earrings and a simple top for a sheik put-together look.

Show Off Your Pride

We have had to spend much of the summer sheltering in place and unable to do the many activities we used to. As gathering in large numbers still remains unsafe, summer staples like LA’s many Pride parades had to be put on hold. But we can still celebrate and the LGBTQ+ community during this time, including with a face mask. Many companies have created facemasks decorated with the rainbow flag. Many of the companies also give a percentage of their profits from these masks to support the LGBTQ+ community who, like many marginalized communities, have been hit even harder by this pandemic. So, show your pride and opt for the bold and colorful mask and continue to celebrate while keeping safe.

Celebrate Your Favorite Sports Team

Though the Olympics has been postponed and much of professional sports in America has been canceled in order to keep sports fans and athletes safe, fans can still show their love for their favorite team during these tough times. If you are someone who wears your favorite player’s jersey as a regular part of your wardrobe, you might want to add a face mask to match. Grab your favorite Lakers jersey and your new favorite mask and show your support for your home team, at a safe distance of course.

Add a Little Humor to Your Look to Brighten Your Day

Quarantine has been tough for all of us. We have all had to quickly adjust to a new reality where we have less contact with our family and friends in order to keep them and ourselves safe. Many of us are experiencing a lot of anxiety and regularly wearing a facemask has been a hard adjustment for some. As human beings, we are used to looking at each other’s faces to gauge their feelings. Face masks do not have to be seen as something scary. They are a simple and affordable way to keep yourself and others safe for the most part. And you can still show off your quirky personality with a mask. For glasses wearers who experience fogging when wearing a mask, why not put on a bowl of ramen for a laugh. Remind people to keep their distance without saying a word. Or just wear your best smile out. A funny mask just might bring a little joy to your life and someone else’s.

Nowadays the face mask has become a hot commodity and thousands of designers have been working hard to churn out this very vital piece of clothing. With hundreds of options to choose from a face mask doesn’t just have to be boring or dull. Find a mask that is perfectly you so you can continue to do you to keep yourself and others safe.

Maria is a writer at Enki Tech, a Downtown Santa Monica technology company that specializes in the development of high-quality, user-friendly software, web platforms, and mobile apps.